WLO Visited five orphanages and a number of rural villages in Cambodia, Peru, Mexico, Vietnam and Taiwan  

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*** Peru (2010) 

 The Aldea Infantil Juan Pablo II orphanage in Peru is located in Cuzco which is 11,200ft in altitude.  We were deprived of oxygen due to this high elevation and at times did not feel well; therefore, we had to use oxygen masks at times to replenish ourselves.  Regardless of this set back we headed to the orphanage. We constructed crafts and played games with them and gave out candy, toys, books, and supplies.  The conditions at the orphanage were very run down but the children were very happy to see us and very thankful.  We met with the head of the orphanage and discussed the orphanage's whereabouts.  We then donated money to the orphanage.