WLO Visited five orphanages and a number of rural villages in Cambodia, Peru, Mexico, Vietnam and Taiwan  

  Cambodia | Peru | Mexico | Vietnam | Taiwan




**Vietnam with Hanoi Kids Club (2012) 
Hanoi Kids Club is a nonprofit group composed of college students who voluntarily give tours in the city of Hanoi.  After many email exchanges, we finally were able to set up a date to visit the SOS Children's Village. In Hanoi, the traffic was chaotic, but we managed to arrive at the SOS Children's Village safely with the help of two college students from HKB. After asking the secretary of the orphanage a few questions, we took a tour of the village. It looked in moderate condition, but some parts still needed improvement.  We taught kids English and played chess with them in their housing apartment which contained nine children and one mother. After having more of a look around we decided to donate money to the orphanage and they were very much grateful.